The Naked Lawn

We make grass beautiful, strong & healthy. Chemical-free, organic fertilization & weed control.

The Naked Lawn

We make grass beautiful, strong & healthy. Chemical-free, organic fertilization & weed control.

Early Bird 2019 Pricing

$395  $325 + GST

What you get:

  • Soil and Lawn Rehabilitation Package: Spring & Fall top dressing with dry organic compost
  • 3 fertilizations: slow and fast release
  • Plant-based, natural organic fertilizer.

What you don’t get:

  • An upsell of ineffective services.
  • Cheap, toxic, fertilizers – only good for a short-lived greening of your grass. Not good for your soil health, nor for the environment.

Our Naked Plan

(let’s make your yard chemical-free together)

Step 1: We Top Dress

What do you do when you want to look and feel your best? You get dressed up! 

For lawns to go from looking naked to looking their best, they need Top Dressing – the same process golf courses use!

But what is top dressing you ask??

It’s simple. Compost is added to your lawn, much in the same way fertilizer is. It will be nearly invisible because it is black, dry, and granular, not like the damp, bulky, unsterilized products that can cause mushrooms and fairy rings. It simply looks like black fertilizer – but with waaaay more nutrition! So, no need to worry about a dirty-looking lawn, weed seeds, or barnyard smells.

Top dressing is undeniably the best thing you can do for your lawn. It is far better than any solid or liquid chemical fertilizer. Compost is chalk full of nutrients that chemicals can’t provide and this improves your soil quality, boosting its nutrient profile, and this nourishes your grass. Top dressing will lead to a healthy, lush lawn that’s beautiful and strong, one that your neighbour’s will gawk at.

And because the top dressing compost is organic and natural, it’s safe for your family, your pets, and of course – the environment.

Here’s a quick-list of our top-dressing benefits:

Increases water-holding capacity, irrigation efficiency and drought tolerance

Chokes out weeds by strengthening grass

Improves seed germination

Corrects microbe and sand imbalances

Contains no weed seeds


Step 2: We Fertilize…Organically

Humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from an organic diet. Your lawn and the environment thrives when you feed it the good stuff.

You do not want the chemicals other companies use. You want 100% organic derived from plant materials, such as alfalfa, kelp and corn gluten. This will revitalize your lawn and keep it beautifully green and healthy throughout the season.

Unlike other companies, we don’t need applicator licences and hazmat suits to green up your lawn. Every product we apply to your lawn is fully naked: organic, natural, and chemical free.

Step 3: Your lawn becomes beautiful.

Sit back and relax.  Your lawn is now off the vicious cycle of chemical fertilizer addiction.  It’s on its way to being healthy.  The environment?  It’s giving you a big hug.


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