Quack is Whack – Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Quackgrass

The front lawn’s evil nemesis.

You might not even realize how much you already detest this weedy monstrosity.  Perhaps you haven’t ever heard the term, but we can all but promise that you’ve seen this lawn-demon.  If we were the betting type, we might even place good money on the fact that you’ve cursed this little green nightmare out several times over the years.

Quackgrass is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, looking slightly like grass, but is 100% weed.  This thicker, longer, and pointier blade is sometimes misidentified as being crabgrass or ryegrass, but this creeping perennial grass can take over a lawn in no time flat.  This awful eyesore is not easy to dispatch, either, as it has incredibly deep roots and an unholy will to survive.

Here are a few things you need to know about Quackgrass (and how to get rid of it).

Unkempt Lawns is Where it Thrives
Quackgrass tends to quickly take over spaces where the lawn is rarely mowed.  With the grass seed being produced in June, before many people are on a regular mowing schedule due to ground saturation or slow growing starts, Quackgrass can spread quickly and take deep root before you even know what hit you.

Know Where Your Straw is From
Quackgrass can also infiltrate even the most well-meaning and knowledgeable lawn owner.  For many who do their own lawncare, it is typical to place straw on growing grass.  Unfortunately, Quackgrass seeds can find their way into the straw, thus infecting the entire lawn.  It is important to know where your straw has come from.

Herbicide Won’t Cut It
Where this is a grassy weed with a rhizome beneath the surface, typical herbicides will not rid you of this abomination.

Choke it Out
One of the most popular ways to destroy Quackgrass is to literally choke it out.  This method includes over fertilizing the lawn and promoting over growth, killing and pushing out the Quackgrass.  It should be noted that this method does require plenty of TLC for your lawn during and after the process.  Regular lawn mowing is necessary due to the overgrowth, and nitrogen replenishing will be needed in the Fall and again in the Spring.

Best Offense is a Good Defense
The best way to prevent Quackgrass from taking over is to promote the ultimate in healthy lawn care.  Creating a lush, thick, and healthy lawn will leave the Quackgrass with no room to take root, and thus leaving you with a beautiful yard for all to behold.

Don’t let the silly name fool you, quackgrass is a fast moving weed that will destroy your lawn from within.  Be thoughtful with how you treat your lawn to avoid it, but be quick to fend it off if you catch it.

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