(organics are good and support life)

Your yard is a sacred place.

You protect your body and home. You care about our shared environment. Now it’s time to make your yard organic, free from chemicals.

Fertilizing your lawn is important. Doing it organically is even better.

Get off chemical fertilizers.
Go au naturel!

In the good ‘ol days there were only natural fertilizers: smelly, messy, cattle fertilizer that composted down into a beautifully rich, organic compost. But this process took a lot of time and a lot of hard work (and a lot of farm animals). In time, industry replaced nutrient rich composts with cheaper, easier-to-produce, chemical fertilizers. These chemicals did increase abundance, but the quality of food dimished.

Lawn fertilizer companies apply these same, simplistic, chemicals to your lawn. You get an abundant greening effect, but the grass and soil health starts to suffer. Your soil becomes depleted of the essential nutrients that chemicals cannot provide.  Worse, when chemical fertilizers leach into our water systems, they throw the biosystems out of whack, damaging lakes, rivers and streams.

Consider the expertise of gardeners. They know that the healthier the soil, the healthier the plant. So, they do not use chemical fertilizer to grow a great garden. They use compost. Your lawn is no different. It too needs organic compost and plant-based fertilizer. 

Chemical fertilizers?  They are a slow death sentence for your lawn, starving it of essential nutrients over the long term.

Stop the chemicals.  Embrace the natural.  Read on…

Granular Organic Compost Top Dressing

  • Organic AA Compost
  • Improves overall soil health and turf establishment
  • Will keep turf greener during drought conditions
  • Gives turf a deeper green over fertilizing alone
  • No odour, very low dust
  • No risk of weed seeds, mushrooms, or fairy rings

Alfalfa Fertilization

  • Made with alfalfa, kelp and other feed-grade plant materials and naturally mined minerals
  • Natural bio-stimulants triacontanol (found in alfalfa) and cytokinin (found in kelp) increase plant vigor and root mass, resulting in resistance to disease and insects
  • Superior manufacturing process allows for better breakdown and solubility over pellet crumbles
  • Rich in micro-nutrients and amino-acids
  • For use on turf, garden beds and in all plantings

Corn Gluten Herbicide & Fertilization

  • An organic, all-natural weed-suppressing fertilizer that also fertilizes
  • An organic source of slow-release nitrogen

  • Slow out of the gate, but produces a lasting, deep dark green color

  • Superior manufacturing process allows for better breakdown and solubility over pellet crumbles

  • For use on turf and under mulch in garden beds

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