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How to Find an Effective Yard Cleanup Service (make the most of your Naked Lawn package)

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There are a number of companies that offer lawn cleanups of your lawn!  It’s an easy business to enter because of the low cost of equipment. 

Worse, some fertilization companies add some of these service as an upsell.  You may think you’re getting something for cheaper, but…that’s usually not the case.

A big reason, as you will see below, is that the equipment used to perform the work does matter.  This means all lawn cleanup service and up-sells are NOT created equal.

Lawn cleanup isn’t usually done right. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Aeration should be deep and with a tight pattern.

If your lawn service company is breezing through your aeration, you’re missing out on getting the best.  A good, solid aerator can punch out a 2.75-inch-deep plug – even in hard soil.  If the process is done too quickly, the pattern of plugs is sparse and the effect of aerating diminishes exponentially.

It isn’t difficult to aerate.  It’s difficult to aerate well.

2. Power Raking is best done with a verti-cutter.

Here’s a quick comparison of Power Raking and Verti-Cutting dethatching processes:

Power Raking

Flexible wire roller

Solid steel cutters

Cannot cut into soil

Gets right into the soil

Removes less thatch

Removes more thatch

Grass seed makes very little contact with soil

If seeding, grass seed makes more contact with soil

Lowest value

Greatest value

Can you guess which dethatching process is the best?

3. Dethatching is best done in an X-pattern.

Now that you know which machine should be used to get the best bang for your hard-earned dollar, the dethatching needs to be done right.

Many yard cleanup companies only dethatch in one direction.  Bingo-bango they rush through your yard and send you an invoice.

If you want the healthiest grass, your lawn needs to be dethatched in two directions in an X-pattern if possible.  Dethatching this way will result in much more thatch being removed!

So why don’t companies do it this way?  Easy.

  • double the work in having to pass over the lawn twice
  • double the thatch is produced
  • double the thatch is double the cleanup

That’s a lot of time and work!

4. Overseeding needs to make soil contact.

Would your garden grow if you didn’t plant the seeds in the soil?  Unless you run a hydroponics system, seed needs to be in contact with the soil.

At minimum, the lawn should be verti-cut prior to applying grass seed by spreader.  And at best, grass seed should be applied by a verti-cutting machine.  The grass seed will then make contact with the soil.

If your current fertilization company or lawn company is merely applying the grass seed without any verti-cutting, you might as well as take your hard earned dollars, spread them over your lawn, and mow over them.


5. Proper lawn cleanup takes TIME

Performing steps 1-4 is the ultimate way to perform a spring/fall lawn cleanup. Most average-sized yards (4000 square feet or under) would take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. So, if you have a lawn cleanup that is quick and cheap, it is best to see if you are getting the value for your hard-earned dollar. Quality is rarely quick and inexpensive.

Can’t find a company to perform an amazing lawn cleanup?

Well… there you have it! You are now a certified lawn care expert. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch. But we hoped you found the information useful! The Naked Lawn wants you to get the most value from your dollar.

You deserve a beautiful lawn.

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